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In Strashtosphere, you clear the sky of space debris that would otherwise destroy the rockets during their launch by using the WASD keys. Collect as much trash at once before parking at the space elevator to get a bonus in the ranking, which in total could become the best among our staff, but beware of causing a traffic accident yourself if any of your cargo collides with the rockets. If either your vehicle or our rockets suffer five accidents, we will deem the mission too dangerous for you to continue.

CC0 audio first curated by Miguel Silveira, the tracks are: Pondering the Cosmos by Ruskerdax; Preparing for War by Trevor Lentz. Free font curated by Sara Vida, it is: Pixeltype.tff by TheJman0205. Programming by Daniel Pereira (Guntler@Twitter), João Marinheiro (joaomarinheiro@Twitter) and Miguel Silveira. Art by Joana Cartaxo (Phloxy_fables@Instagram), Sara Vida (saravida_1127@Instagram)  and Miguel Silveira.


strashtosphere_final.zip 27 MB

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