A downloadable Sector Alpha for Windows

Sector Alpha.

The epicenter of a technological boom that revolutionized an entire system. Powered by the stars themselves through incredible megastructures to sap their energy, intrepid explorers of all kinds set out across the cosmos, determined to unveil the secrets that lie beyond.

News of these developments have spread far and wide, inviting those with vile intentions to not only acquire this power for themselves, but gate its access to other communities. The neighboring Felidae system took particular interest, and launched a full-on assault on Sector Alpha.

As a renegade pilot from the invading Felidae system, take the fight to space aboard a Pouncer(?) and to the ground with your Pulse Rifle(?), and fend off the forces that threaten the stability of Sector Alpha and its allies.

This demo contains two levels:

  • A tutorial level in an arcade, on-rails style, taking place within a simulation.
  • A tougher, freeflight level set in the midst of an asteroid mining field, targeted by Felidae forces due to the precious resources within. The fiends have rigged a cargo ship with highly volatile materials, and is exploiting Sector Alpha's network of faster-than-light gateways to bring in powerful missiles to detonate it. It's your job to destroy these missiles - and, if need be, the gateways themselves - before they have a chance to destroy the cargo ship.

Sector Alpha allows using either the keyboard or an Xbox Controller. Other controllers are also supported, but will not have rumble/vibration features.

Sector Alpha began as a Unity practice project in order to familiarize myself with the engine, and also began as an actual on-rails shooter level similar to classic Starfox levels. As I improved the code, I reworked the level you can play in this demo into a simpler but arguably more replayable level more similar to Sector Z, as well as a tutorial level in the old on-rails style.

It's a single-player game.

The game's asset list is comprised almost entirely of royalty-free assets (most of which from OpenGameArt) with the exception of the spritework. I'll be uploading the list of assets and respective credits/links soon.


Sector Alpha Demo (Indie X 2019 Build) 133 MB

Development log


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(o jogo disse não ter detectado nenhum gamepad, mas o gamepad funcionou na mesma - nao sei se era suposto acontecer isso...)


Se foi o caso de ser corrido em Wine, é possível que tenha sido algo que não funcionou... se bem que já tive, por vezes, esse problema em Windows também. Vou ter de ver com mais atenção a ver o que encontro.

a build funcionou bem no Wine! :)  (mas não sei se é o caso de partilhares também builds de GNU/Linux e MacOS-X )


Ohh folgo em saber, não sabia se o XInput se daria muito bem com isso! Quero partilhar builds de linux eventualmente, mas como estou numa fase de troubleshooting e debugging, não gerei uma ainda. x)